Brasov #Relax

As you know if you have read my blog and if you follow me on Instagram I took a mini break last week as a preFinalsWeek trip to Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. It’s always good to get away for a few days and relax, go to the spa and eat at my fav restaurants in Brasov.

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How to survive F.I.N.A.L.S week #1MonthUntilChristmas


Hello dears. Tuesday I got back from Brasov, one of the most beautiful places in Romania. I had a mini break from school (too short) and I took the opportunity to relax, go to the spa, explore and just think.

I feel happy and relaxed and I am super excited for Christmas. But until then I have to get through the finals week. This is always the hardest, most exhausting week of the year. Less than five hours of sleep, no time for eating, phone calls or going out.

So this is my guide to staying sane and making it to Christmas. That’s my finish line :).

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First post

First post, yay! Well, it’s not the first outfit post but still, I just can’t contain my enthusiasm.

So, hello world, I’m Liv, 16. I live in Bucharest, Romania and i love clothes, books, good food and beautiful places.

I had another blog 2 years ago, but I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have enough time for school, blog, other activities and I decided to take a break until I had more time.

So this is my blog, the window to everything I love. Hope you like it.

Please comment and share your opinions and suggestions 🙂

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