Cobalt Blue


Bright colours, the feeling of sun lights on my skin and my lovely garden. What could be better than this? Not much, I assure you.

The ugly weather outside makes me melancholic, tired. To defeat this mood, I thought I would share my outfit from last week, when it was warm and nice outside.

This blazer is one of my favorites, because the color is beautiful and looks good with any type of outfit: sporty, casual, office, etc.

So comment and share your opinions 🙂 Do you like my outfit?






Ray Ban Sunnies

Santa Barbara Outfitters blazer

Stradivarius leggings

Benvenuti bag



4 thoughts on “Cobalt Blue”

  1. I have heard of home made condensed milk but never bothered to look at the recipe until now. Wow..I cld prolly make this using my Anelene powdered milk Yes? Ill sure try! Thanks Ellie… you come up with the most awesome recipes ..simple or not. 🙂


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