Autumn Notes


Patterns. A way to get noticed and turn heads.

I usually don’t mix patterns, mainly because it’s risky. Sometimes I forget the rule about “getting out of your comfort zone”.

Note to self: tattoo it on your hand or something so you will remember to do more interesting, not-so-boring things.

So considering all those “autumn is a transition season” quotes, inspirational pictures, etc, I thought “why not?”. I found this oh-so-pretty dress from River Island on Asos and bought it, even if I was a bit skeptical about how it would fit me at first. Turns out, this kind of dress looks good on every type of body. It’s somewhere between casual and elegant, and look! it has polka dots AND stripes. A first for me.

Autumn is synonym with “changes” for me. Since I was 6, September was (and still is) the start of a new school year, when I always set a new goal (e.g. get better grades, lose weight- work in progress, learn french- again, work in progress, have a healthier lifestyle- of course, work in progress). No matter if I achieved that goal or not, autumn is always a fresh start for me.







Jacket (made by me)

River Island dress

Fiorangello bag


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