How to survive F.I.N.A.L.S week #1MonthUntilChristmas


Hello dears. Tuesday I got back from Brasov, one of the most beautiful places in Romania. I had a mini break from school (too short) and I took the opportunity to relax, go to the spa, explore and just think.

I feel happy and relaxed and I am super excited for Christmas. But until then I have to get through the finals week. This is always the hardest, most exhausting week of the year. Less than five hours of sleep, no time for eating, phone calls or going out.

So this is my guide to staying sane and making it to Christmas. That’s my finish line :).


We all know we should stay organised in order to get things done, but it’s kind of hard to plan for everything and actually stick to our plan. Well, at least for me it is. To get through the finals week I need to plan everything (and I mean everything)

My studying routine is something like this: get my notes from a classmate if I didn’t write in class (most of the time I don’t write, there’s always something more interesting to do/read) => make flashcards (so at least I know something) => make a scheme => repeat. and repeat. and then go to sleep realising I didn’t study enough.

I am obsessed with notebooks, planners and pretty school stuff. Bellow is a pic with my favorite things (Don’t know if it’s just me but I came to the conclusion that I’m more organised when I have a nice notebook)- the Moleskine planner is a MUST!

P.S. the best place to find a good planner or a pretty notebook in Bucharest is Carturesti

polyvore 2


Imagine the following scene:

You get home. You have an exam that week. You eat some leftovers (no time, you have to study, right?) then you sit at your desk, get your notebooks and open the laptop to listen to music in the background while you study.

Suddenly, something pops on your screen. Look! It’s that website you have a subscription to and it has a new article about that new episode of The Vampire Diaries. And The good wife. And Scandal.

Then you think: “Hmm, an episode it’s just 40 minutes long. I have the rest of the night for studying. I should watch it.” 

That was 4 episodes ago. Now you go into bed, try to at least read the material for the exam but you are too tired, so you go to sleep.

Now, what do we learn from that? It’s simple. Resist the temptation. Don’t become the next victim.



Winter is a really bad period for my style, it’s like WWII in my dressing and I have no idea what outfit to choose. I have two types of outfits in the winter: the classy and composed one and the homeless one. When it’s finals week I always go with the homeless look. So fancy. My classmate told me yesterday I look like a rich homeless. Haven’t heard that one before.

Vests are always my salvation. They’re so easy to wear and they keep me warm. I especially love the ones from Massimo Dutti. vests



How do you guys get through the finals week?

Image sources: My Polyvore account here and Weheartit


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